2014 Review and My 2015 Resolution

It was nice to see some of my family and friends’ posts which express gratitude to the year 2014. The recently passed year seemed to be legendary to them. To me, it was slightly different. Nothing really happened much in 2014, hence I put a great deal of expectation in 2015.

If I had to describe 2014 in a sentence, I would say it was the year of waiting for me. I waited for a real job to come. I waited for my non-fiction book to publish, a football-traveling memoir which I have been working for two years. I waited for another opportunity to continue my higher education (I applied to a Ph.D position in a university in Europe). I waited, then waited…

In the second half of 2014, things turned out to be okay. I got accepted to work as a lecturer at a new, emerging university in Bandung, Indonesia. This opportunity means there were lots of things to catch up, as I had only a semester of teaching experience (as a substitute lecturer in my almamater university). Then in October, my book was finally published, entitled ‘Home & Away’. I also got admitted to the Ph.D program I had been desiring, only I still could not leave for Europe to grab the opportunity because I have not been awarded to any scholarships.

So, I would not say that my 2014 was marvelous. I said it was just okay, because I could have done better.


Therefore, I should see 2015 as another year of opportunities, but this time I should be relentless in grabbing them. These points will be my so-called ‘2015 Resolution’, which I will use to remind me in the end of the year of which are grabbed and which are missed:

  • Learn Spanish (as a preparation to leave for my Ph.D)
  • Seek scholarship or study grants more intensively
  • Start my Ph.D
  • Publish two novels (since I have been writing and editing two novels for months in 2014)
  • Attend at least three academic conferences / call for papers
  • Publish at least one academic journal
  • Learn French (I had studied the language for five years, but need to brush up my conversational skills)
  • Write a brand new novel project (aside from the currently-edited ones)
  • Write (or if possibly publish) an academic book
  • Save some money (which means less impulsive shopping)
  • Travel to new places (in 2014 I traveled to Jogja and Bali, but those are the places I have been before)
  • Stay fit (intensively jog and exercise)
  • Change other people’s lives (I am not saying it as a lip-service. By the end of the year, I shall review whose lives I have altered)
  • Re-connect with long lost-touched friends

(to be reviewed in December 2015)

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